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Democratic Governors Seek Meeting with White House After Biden’s Debate Performance

Following President Joe Biden’s shaky performance in the recent presidential debate, Democratic governors are seeking a meeting with the White House to address growing concerns about his re-election campaign. The debate, where the 81-year-old president appeared hoarse and struggled with some questions, has intensified existing worries about his age and capabilities.

According to a White House official, Biden will hold a meeting with Democratic governors on Wednesday to reassure them and discuss the path forward. This meeting comes amid private discussions among governors about the president’s suitability for re-election and the potential impact on the Democratic Party’s chances in the upcoming election.

Despite the debate performance, Vice President Kamala Harris defended Biden, describing the debate difficulties as a “slow start” with a “strong” conclusion in an interview with CNN. Harris emphasized Biden’s track record as president, underscoring the administration’s accomplishments.

However, some Democratic governors have privately expressed doubts about Biden’s candidacy. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and others have discussed the need to hear directly from Biden, prompting plans for the upcoming meeting. While there have been no public calls from governors for Biden to step aside, the private concerns reflect a broader unease within the party.

The debate performance has led to calls from some Democrats for Biden to withdraw from the race. Aging experts have suggested that the debate display might not necessarily indicate cognitive decline, but the concerns remain significant. The Biden campaign has remained steadfast in affirming his continued candidacy, supported by a majority of elected Democrats.

Speculation about potential replacements has also emerged, with names like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and California Governor Gavin Newsom being floated. However, neither has expressed interest in replacing Biden. A spokesperson for New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy refuted claims that Biden had not been in touch, citing recent interactions between the two.

Political commentators on social media have underscored the urgency for Biden to address these concerns and engage with Democratic governors to salvage his nomination. The Democratic Convention, set to commence on August 19, is expected to be a closely contested event, with the party’s leadership under intense scrutiny.

As the Democratic governors prepare for their meeting with Biden, the evolving narrative indicates a firm stance from high-profile Democrats supporting Biden’s continuation as the nominee to face Donald Trump in the forthcoming November election. The meeting will be a critical moment for Biden to reassure his party and address the concerns that have arisen from his recent debate performance.